Bee Network Manifesto

The Bee Network is a huge step forward for active travel in Greater Manchester. A joined-up integrated public transport offering and better infrastructure will make walking, wheeling or cycling a much more attractive option for many people. Walk Ride GM have nine key asks for TfGM and GMCA to consider to maximise the potential of the Bee Network and provide safe, convenient and accessible alternatives to driving.

We’re asking for:

  • 24 hour bus lanes
  • More ways to disincentivise short car journeys
  • Quicker pedestrian crossing times
  • Bikes on trams
  • Fully integrated ticketing
  • Vulnerable Road User training for bus drivers
  • Direct Vision standard for HGV drivers
  • Recognition of bus tyre and brake pollution

And sufficient funding to make sure an ambitious active travel network is delivered across GM.

Read our full Bee Network Manifesto